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A Tale of the Plague: Innocence – Review

Promotional materials tempted me all the time with the terrible adventures of two unlucky juveniles, and they masterfully concealed the fact that A Plague Tale: Innocence has more than two lives. The charming French Amicia accompanies her innocent brother Hugo on a strictly linear walk through the Dark Ages, which surprisingly satisfies the hunger for adventures for a player with an emphasis on history.

A plague tale: Innocence has nothing to do with it, and after only a few minutes in the forest you will be introduced to the first enemy in the form of a rat-plague wound. In the next few minutes, he will deprive him of everything and place a second adversary, equally dangerous, a relentless Inquisition. Then the brothers are immediately on the run for the sole purpose of seeking help.

The relationship between Amica and Hugo is quite complex. The lives of the descendants of the rich aristocratic family were spent separately; Hugo is not in the nature of listening, he is not yet familiar with the pitfalls of life and does not realize that his behavior threatens his loved ones. But he will learn. She grabs herself. There is nothing left in his daily contact with death.

You're it … z-z-zab …

The evolution of the characters is evident throughout history both in the main pair and in other individuals who have miraculously survived the rage of the inquisition and the rats and will be happy to join you. Unfortunately, equal depths did not come from protruding bandits, who at first glance captivate and like to see their motives, but have a desperately small space. By the way, for a good atmosphere, I highly recommend a well spoken French with subtitles in Czech.

The purpose of the survivor group will change several times and I will not reveal anything important to you here. However, a theme with the game extends from start to finish – Hugo's illness. The dying boy is the reason why you do what you do. The desperate situation is a justification for Amicia's resorting to many iniquities. Formerly innocent, fragile girl turns into a killer for one night. She regrets her actions, but the inquisitors gave her no choice.

A Tale of the Plague: Innocence

A teenager has no chance of finding massive armor. When enemies locate and reach you, a fast loading screen waits for you to the last lane. Do not look for a real action here. The vast majority of the game is crawling through the tall grass, distracting the guards by throwing stones at a pile of helmets, turning off the torches.

There is a lot of work to do with light, since it is the only rat repellent. When lighting fires, you create a path through the contaminated streets, exposing them to the danger of the Inquisition. Some enemies cross the French streets with lanterns, but only a well-pointed stone is enough to make the dark and disgusting uniforms do the dirty work for you.

Will the sling return to fashion?

Everything is subordinate to Amici's sling. You will gradually learn to make various preparations from the raw materials found, that you just turn off and burn fires, put your guards to sleep, attract rats to certain places and so on. The stone on the soldier's skull makes it a short process. If you have a helmet, you must first hit with a special compound that will force you to remove the head protection. The sling can be upgraded to shoot faster, the suitcases can be extended to carry more ammo.

Often, the game allows you to enter enemy territory without taking human life, but it will be as challenging as trying to eliminate them. For enemies, you may see a classic overhead gauge that gradually fills up from gray to red, triggering an alarm, but there is no "telescope" that we are accustomed to in stealth games today.

Therefore, you will not mark your enemies and you will not have an overview of them. You will not know if someone behind you will see you when you try to run from cover to cover. You have to rely on your own senses. It is easier when the guard holds the torch, but you can easily ignore it without much of the game happening at night when the rats are more active.

Just behind the nose

In addition to finding enemies, there will be purely logical passages associated mainly with overcoming rats. Unfortunately, except for a few exceptions, it's nothing interesting or challenging, instead of jigsaw puzzles that would haunt your brain, it's a fill in the straight line to the goal.

The Plague Tale is a purely linear adventure game without any parallel decisions and activities (I do not count items from collectors scattered around). But this is good. You will experience history as intended from beginning to end. And even if it is not a revolutionary work and its culmination is as amazing as the sun appears the next day, it can hold your attention and drag you through your characters, their development and destinies.

Not very interesting puzzles and good poignancy stir in the shadow of the narrative and the general description of medieval France in the period of the hundredth war. The creators, using beautiful graphics, darkness and disgusting mice, have managed to create a very dense and oppressive atmosphere that gives the game its credibility and, above all, its memorable character.

A plague tale: Innocence is one of the first surprises this year. He may not come onstage for many prizes, but as a purely narrative adventure with a purely linear path taking place in a superbly designed environment, it works very well.

It is a shame that this species is an endangered species. But as long as there are games like A Plague Tale: Innocence alongside the most popular royal battles and other news, single-player players will not give up hope.

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