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Of the more than two million tourists traveling abroad with CK in the summer, about a fifth of them goes to Greece, Turkish resorts of 14% and about 11% of customers in Egypt.

The largest increase

"Summer sales in Turkey have increased by 68% over the previous year, especially for Alanya, Side and Kemer," said Andrea Řezníčková, a spokeswoman for Invia travel agency, which sells the largest number of on-line tours in Turkey. Czech republic.

Previous sales suggest that Turkey is back at full strength.Petr Satny, CK Alexandria

"This year, Turkey clearly has the highest increase in sales from all destinations," said Petr Kostka, sales director of CK Exim Tours.

"He is particularly impressed with its excellent value for money, but also the ideal destination for a family holiday. Families with children mainly seek out hotels equipped with water parks, more pools and other leisure facilities, "added Kostka of Exim Tours.

The largest increase in demand is recorded on residential trips to Turkey and Alexandria. "Current sales suggest that Turkey is back at full strength and the number of people who will leave with us this summer will be a record breaker," confirmed marketing director Petr Šatný à Pravo.

The tour offer is getting thinner

There are also other foreign destinations such as Bulgaria, Tunisia and Italy and Spain. In individual tourism, Croatia has been leading for years, with about half a million Czechs going in the summer.

At the same time, CK points out that although there are still about three months for summer holidays, those interested in booking a trip should not be too late. Especially those who want to visit a private resort or directly a hotel. The offer is getting leaner. Many people buy first-time rides, that is, discounted and in advance.

This is confirmed by CK customers. "We have been going to Egypt with our friend regularly for the same hotel for over ten years. Due to the deadline, we prefer to book the trip at the end of the year. And apparently we are not alone. We meet some hotel guests regularly every year, "confirmed Prague's Praza Nataša.

"With the most popular hotels, we already have many terms completely depleted, some of them have family rooms with extra beds, which are free for children. If sales continue at this pace, the choice of last minute rides will be very limited, "said Satin.

"During the first minute offer, 68,000 were sold for 2.7 billion kronor. More than half of all the tours offered and most of the most sought after hotels were sold. Most trips to Turkey and also popular hotels in Egypt, "Řezníčková said.

Invia statistics show that if Czechs decide to go abroad, half of the customers choose four (35%) or five stars (15%) and 57% of customers prefer all meals with unlimited food and drink.

From a transport point of view, it clearly leads air transport. 76 percent of travelers chose this.

The popularity of all inclusive meals is, according to Řezníčková, given a very affordable price for people to enjoy great comfort.

Stable crown

Analysts believe that the exchange rate of the crown will not change much during the holidays. "I do not expect any sharp appreciation of the crown for a coin, which would be worth a break for the holidays," Next Finance Minister Markéta Šichtařová confirmed. But, according to her, it is not possible to exclude the movement of any currency due to political tensions in the country.

According to Lukáš Kovanda of the Czech Fund, the Crown strengthened this year against the Turkish lira this year. It also strengthens against Icelandic and Swedish crowns. On the other hand, it is weakening this year against the Russian ruble by more than ten percent.

"In Sri Lanka, Egypt, Israel or Thailand, holidays in Sri Lanka are becoming more expensive to strengthen local currencies," Kovanda added.


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