A new friend at the bar carried a man by the shoulders. He gave her a fist and kicked it – Novinky.cz


The injured party left for a beer at a bar on Na Bělidle street in mid-April. Before joining the company, he met a group of two men and two women with whom he spoke. Together they sat at the table and ordered a bucket of cocktail and sipped together.

But after a few tens of minutes, the situation changed. "At one point he was damaged from the bathroom and took a new friend, nothing bad, friendly around his shoulders. However, a friend appeared out of nowhere and struck the 24 year old with a punch in the face," said the police spokesman Tomáš Hulan.

The others tried to calm the attacker, but they did not achieve much and according to police, the victim was hit by more wounds. Among other things, a kick in the face. The aggressive man continued to attack in front of the bar before the whole situation calmed down with the attacker.

He then searched for a doctor who treated him with a fractured fracture of his facial bone. Officers on line 158 will receive any information about the striker and his friends who witnessed the incident.

Criminals investigate the case as a crime of personal injury and vandalism, whereby the suspect faces up to three years in prison.


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