Sunday , October 24 2021

A cyclist in the Olomouc region collapsed while riding a bicycle. Police are discovering your identity –


The man collapsed around 6 pm between Velká Bystřice and Olomouc – Lošov, near the wooden transfer point. Other cyclists who gave him first aid rushed to help him immediately.

"Despite the rapid assistance of the witnesses and the so-called police and rescue workers, the men were unable to help," police spokeswoman Jiřina Vybíhalová said.

According to her, the criminologists have not yet discovered the name of the deceased, so they published photos of her bicycle and helmet. The man, according to them, was between 60 and 70 years, from 3 to 7 inches tall, was larger, had short gray hair, blue-gray eyes and a shaved face. He had a wrist watch on his wrist on a black leather strap.

The helmet the man had on his head.

The helmet the man had on his head.

PHOTO: Police of the Czech Republic

"He was probably treated with the heart. He wore short shorts and a light brown shirt. The cyclist has come to the KTM Ultra Flite bikes, "the spokeswoman said.

Line 158 will accept identity information.

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