Xbox seeks to support Japanese developments with a new figure


Phil Spencer said we should not ask what Japan can do for the Xbox, but what Microsoft can do for Japanese studies. With this philosophy, games like Phantasy Star Online 2 or Crossfire will come to Xbox based, certainly, a succulent reduction in terms of the advantages that Azure can offer its creators. However Microsoft knows that it can not stay there in relation to Japan.

We have been seeing for some time that Microsoft is setting up a kind of Global Publishings for Asia, with ad hoc positions aimed at closing deals with Japanese, Korean or Chinese publishers and studios, which seems to be bearing fruit. However, Microsoft support will not be limited to Azure, and what we see in one of your new jobs offers you the creation of a development team that offers Directly support the creation of possible second part to the console and xCloud. Maybe even the idea is to provide resources so that Microsoft platforms do not run out of titles that, for now, have never paid much attention to Microsoft.

An Xbox development boss in Japan

This head of development, according to what is written in the offer, will be the main contact of the Asian studies with Microsoft and, in addition to the technical support, will have to inform and advise on any new technology developed by the Microsoft team that may be relevant for your company. It is very likely that in the future we will see many more Japanese developments that make use of Azure and Microsoft Stack, and therefore they reach the console and Windows 10.

If you are happy to have an efficient development and development consulting team, you may not see games from major publishers on the Xbox, but it is possible that more or less independent studies like From Software or Platinum Games will require you to work with Microsoft.


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