Saturday , October 23 2021

Woman who accused Neymar of rape stabbed her ex-husband in a homemade fight


This was established by the British newspaper Daily Mail, which found this important judicial precedent of the model Najila Trindade, the same one that more than a week ago denounced before the Brazilian justice the soccer player by an alleged sexual abuse in Paris.

The model, who at the time of the fight with the ex-husband was 22 years old, was eating an apple and cutting with a knife. His partner at the time, Estivens Alves, started an argument with her, took her by the arm and the woman decided to stick the knife in the chest as a defense mechanism.

Seeing how much he left the ex-husband injured, Trindade called his brother to help him transfer Alves to the hospital, the Daily Mail reported.

Hours later, it became clear that the 26-year-old model had sued Neymar for alleged rape, the PSG player posted the intimate photos and chats she sent via WhatsApp. For this, the Brazilian justice system He opened a separate investigation into Neymar as this could constitute a cybercrime.


Last week, the chats that Neymar and the model traded the day after night were also leaked. they had sex in a hotel in Paris and there would have been physical aggression of the player in relation to her.

In them, the woman claims that she had several red marks on her body. Neymar replied with a mocking tone and wrote: "But the marks, you were guilty too. (Laughs) You asked me more.

The Brazilian justice system continues its investigations after receiving testimony from the two parties involved. In addition, the prospects for the 26-year-old model are not the best, as three of her lawyers have dropped the case.

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