Saturday , October 23 2021

Woman seeks 3 children her mother gave 40 years ago to some Dutch in Medellín


It all started in the late 70's in Medellín, when Orfa Inés Gómez, now 60 years old, she repressed her second marriage and moved with her new husband to Ibagué, leaving with her mother three children she had in her first relationship, El Tiempo explained.

Orfa Ines told the newspaper that since childhood she had suffered family abuse and had no education, which is why, according to her, At the age of 16, he lived with a man of almost 40 years, who eventually became the father of three children who later left with his mother.

Showing regret, the woman told in the interview that in the 1980s her mother repeatedly insisted on picking up her children because they were going through needs, even if she sent them money. In addition, It was not because they were pregnant and were expecting their fourth baby.

Weeks after the insistence of her mother, she traveled from Ibagué to Medellín in order to get her three children, but when she arrived she realized that they no longer lived with her grandmother. His relatives told him what happened: the children were taken by a Dutch couple contacted by the Orfa parent, added the portal.


40 years laterThis woman dared to tell her story because the children of her second marriage supported her to begin the search for the first three puppies, who are currently in their 30s and 40s.

"I know I was very young and immature at the time, but I love them, I am their mother. When I tried to find adoption centers, they told me that the place where they had been delivered did not exist anymore, "Orfa told El Tiempo.

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