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The arguments that support the sustainable development of crypto-coins, and especially bitcoin, do not always come from their ecosystem. Peter Brand, an experienced merchant, with a 45-year career, has published on Twitter a photo with several periods of boom in the bitcoins market, in which he refers to the "parabolic advances of bitcoin", and launches a conservative estimate of a future bitcoin price in the middle of the trend current high: USD 100,000.

"People ask me why I deal with Bitcoin $ BTC. Do not do it anymore! In my 45-year career, there has never been another market like Bitcoinยป, Brand says in his tweet, in which segment a thousand people have already participated.

In the table on the advances of the BTC, Brandt shows the appreciation of the BTC in five periods, from the period from July 2010 to January 2011, in which the price multiplied by 483 (48,300% appreciation)).

BTC price boom periods, in contrast to the performance of large companies, gold and the Dow Jones industrial average. Image: @PeterLBrandt on Twitter.

In that first period, the initial bitcoin price low was only 5 cents. Brandt's second expansion period runs from October 2011 to November 2013, the first time the pioneer cryptomedeus has exceeded $ 1,000. Here, growth is greater: 57.100%, or a multiplication factor of 571.

From USD 164, in January 2015, to the historical high of the BTC price in December 2017, the appreciation was 11,900%, quite remarkable, but lower than the two previous periods.

The fourth period considered by Brandt begins at the relative low of mid-December 2018, at $ 3,148. here the end of this boom period is not defined in the Brandt box. If we take a period of six months so far, starting from that starting point of the annual minimum in 2018, the bitcoins market would show an advance close to 300%, since its evaluation tripled. Brandt proposes a multiplication factor 10 times greater, of 32, which is quite modest compared to the increases quoted by Brandt for previous periods. With this assumption, Brandt's forecast for the future price of bitcoin is the notorious figure of USD 100,000.

To show bitcoin's historical progress, Brandt proposes a period of just over 6 years to its historical maximum, from October 2011 to December 2017, in which the BTC went from US $ 2 to US $ 19,531, its price multiplied by a factor of 9,765, an increase of almost one million percent.

Compared to the stocks of the most successful companies, as shown in the table, Amazon would have the highest performance in 21 years, when it grew 1,564 times, followed by Apple and Netflix. The Dow Jones index in just over a century rose 873 times, while gold saw its price multiplied by a factor of 93 over a period of 100 years.


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