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Whatsapp It is still the most downloaded application in the world; However, around it there are a number of tricks that few people know about. For example, you can now hear a message that was sent to you without your friend or contact knowing.

The quick messaging app is not only used for chatting, but also for viewing videos, status, photos, making calls or video calls and even sending a very long voice message explaining what you want Whatsapp.

However, when you press to play the audio, the voice message that appears in light blue usually changes to a green tone.

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This will inform your friend that you have already heard Whatsapp. But there is a trick that you will never find out again. For this, you do not need to download a third party application. Use these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is update your WhatsApp to the latest version.
  • After that, click on the audio message they sent you.
Know the method so that no one finds out that you heard the WhatsApp audio.  (Photo: MAG)
Know the method so that no one finds out that you heard the WhatsApp audio. (Photo: MAG)
  • Select ‘resend’ and send it to yourself.
  • If you can’t send it to yourself, click share and select any audio application.
  • You can even send it to your email so that you can download and listen.
  • That way, nobody will know that you heard your message.

The 7 best WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the few apps that cares about the experience of its users when they dive into your app, so they update themselves frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of this popular application.

The creators of WhatsApp have developed several tools so that their users can browse the application with peace of mind. However, this is unknown to a large part of the population, which is why the same company shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the app.

1. Voice notes with speakerphone: Just by pressing and holding the microphone icon and sliding upwards, you can lock the voice message function to record, without having to hold the phone in your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Check the main messages: To obtain this option, you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark the main messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message you want to save as a favorite and then tap the “star” icon.

If your device is an iPhone, you can find all starred messages by going to Settings and Starred messages or by selecting the chat name and tapping “Starred messages”. In the case of Android users, they will have to press “More options” and then “Starred messages”.

3. Check messages without touching your phone: If what you want is to be able to check WhatsApp without having to use your mobile device, just download the WhatsApp desktop web application, which will project your cell phone conversations to a computer. Thus, you can send messages, photos and GIFs without having to have the computer in hand.

4. Use stickers in conversations: Emojis are becoming a thing of the past, nowadays stickers offer a more fun way to express yourself. You can find them in the field where the text is inserted in a conversation, in a small square icon with a folded side page, where you can also add your own stickers and bitmojis.

5. Read messages without being online: The option to hide “Reading receipts” is not the best option if you want the other person to not notice that you have read the message. That’s why lifting the message lightly on the screen and opening the full text on the iphone lock screen is your best option to go unnoticed.

6. Manage who can add us to groups: There is nothing more uncomfortable than being added to a group full of strangers. That’s why WhatsApp developed the option to manage who can add us to groups.

When enabling the contacts of those who want to receive messages, these people must send us an invitation link in the application. Only if we accept, can we be added to the group.

To enable a contact, we must go to Settings> Account> Security> Groups and select from the options: All, My contacts or My contacts except.

7. Be in control of your groups: There is a way to change the group’s settings so that only we can make changes to the group’s image or name. To do this, go to Group settings and then Edit group information.

These are the 7 tricks you probably don’t know. WhatsApp always surprises us with news so it is likely that in a short time we will update our list.

Meet the new emojis of 2020

Like every year, Whatsapp incorporated a new list of emojis into its chat platform. Recently, he added the icons of mate, paella, bat, mototaxi, tooth, clown, ostrich, among other characters and / or objects. This time, thanks to Emojipedia, some of the emoticons that will be part of the app in late 2020 have been released.

Yes well Whatsapp added its new 230 emojis in the month of November, it is expected that these 117 numbers can also be seen only in that month.

These are the new emojis that will arrive in 2020. (Photo: WhatsApp)
These are the new emojis that will arrive in 2020. (Photo: WhatsApp)

According to the Unicode website, the new members of this “select group” were chosen after their Emoji Subcommittee “analyzed thousands of proposals submitted by users” worldwide, which should include the reasons why they should be included. in the list and other data.

Unicode pointed out that among these symbols, which exceed 2,000 in total and have become popular in messaging services for representing feelings and facilitating the expression of ideas, especially in Whatsapp, the emojis that many demanded will finally arrive. What are the new ones? Here we present them to you.

Among the new faces we will find the emoji of the happy face with a tear of emotion, also the man with a mustache and pronounced glasses, his hand closed, people hugging, the ninja are also enabled.

You will also see people in tuxedo suits, wedding dresses, men and women feeding their children a bottle, Santa Claus without a mustache, heart and lungs.

On the other hand, in the animals section we will find the potted plant, the black cat, the beaver, the face of the polar bear, the bison, the mammoth, the dodo, the feather, the beetle, the seal, the fly, the cockroach . , the worm, the rock, the wood.


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