What did Pipe Bueno and Paris Hilton do in this photo together?


This Monday the popular music singer Pipe Bueno has published an image in which he sees the singer embraced with the famous celebrity Paris Hilton in his account on the Instagram.

Hilton, 39, is one of the most famous multimillion-dollar heirs in the United States.

According to Cali, the meeting took place in the city of Miami during the Ultra Music 2019 festival.

In addition to the fact that their meeting caught the attention of fans of Bueno, the image became viral because in the background, another participant of the event was caught scratching his nose. So much so that the interpreter of songs like & # 39; You look like little & # 39; and & # 39; Confession & # 39; mentioned in the message accompanying the publication.

"Paris Hilton spectacular as a person! What a night, Paris!" And then I let the curious people write me what the girl behind the photo was doing, "he wrote.

Twelve 24 have been shared, the picture already has more than 80 thousand that I like. At Instagram, Cololmbian has more than four and a half million followers.

Paris, meanwhile, did not refer publicly to the photograph, but celebrities from the local show such as models Melissa Martinez and Elizabeth Loaiza commented on the particular scene in Bueno's story.

Pipe also posted a photo with internet celebrity, Mario Ruiz, during the same event.


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