Sunday , April 18 2021

War on cash drawers continues in the UK

Pillage boxes or loot boxes, those objects that we can buy with real money in some games like Overwatch and whose content we do not know until we open them, they continue to be part of a legal controversy around the world. There are already several countries that have banned video game companies from including them in their products because they are considered as a betting method, and more and more are thinking of doing so.

A new round This legal battle is taking place in the UK, one of the most important video game markets in the West. According to a BBC report, the UK betting commission has ruled that serve cashiers serve as "entry drugs" for real bets.

The survey also reports that 39% of British children aged 11 to 16 spend money on gambling, primarily through mobile apps.

The findings of the UK gambling commission do not require action against cash drawers or other monetization methods used for video games, but can be used to pressure parliament to make a decision about it.

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Source: BBC News

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