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Uribista nun: communique believes her religious – Unidad Investigativa

The uribist businessman Jorge Cortés Álvarez, who is linked to the San Jose merchants of San José, broadcasted the news in an announcement about the controversial uribist nun Adriana Patricia Torres Echavarría.

Cortés, who paid the religious for the tickets to which Bogotá had deployed, supported Senator Álvaro Uribe for his diligence in investigating the Supreme Court, saying that the document certifies Torres' membership of a religious community.

As he revealed El Tiempo, behind the appearance of the nun, shouting harangues in favor of Uribe, the congregation of the Carmelite Missions salió to clarify that it was not one of their religious and that they also commemorated with their proselytism.

“É no es ningún paraco”; “Llevo la sangre uribista”; “Let Uribe live!” He shouted.

Moreover, the Conference of Religious of Colombia indicates that the Carmelite Missionaries, who I want to belong to the Uribist nun, are not registered in Colombia.

But now, a statement by Cortés, who aspired to the Chamber by the Democratic Center, shows that Torres belongs to the congregation of "Carmelite Missionaries of Santa Teresita, in the province of North America."

Moreover, he says that he is able to exercise his apostolic duties as teacher and publicist of his book, signed by the Reverend Juan Carlos Ortiz, who wins in July 2020.

Carné Uribist Monk

According to the Carné, the Reverend Juan Carlos Ortiz is the prior general of the congregation of the Uribist nun.

According to the document, the Reverend Ortiz is the prior general of the congregation to which he belongs to his brother Torres, who is identified with his Colombian ballot number.

Alli is said to be linked to the Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Jorge Cortés

Uribista businessman Jorge Cortés, broadcast the communiqué on the religious origin of the nun Adriana Torres Echavarría.

As revealed by TIEMPO this weekend, Cortes admits that he has paid for the capital of the Uribist nun.

"Absence of the deployment of the religious to the city of Bogota, to participate in the planting in support of Senator Álvaro Uribe Velez, on the 8th of October, through his inquiry before the Supreme Court," notes Cortés.

And he adds that he recognizes his herman as "a leader of great human qualities, in the service of the poor communities of Medellin, as people in jails, sick in hospitals, poor people and families of scarce resources."

Likewise, it indicates that it regrets the way in which, since the social networks and the means of communication, it has been affected by the good of its sister Adriana "who, as a community leader, has developed an admirable pastoral work in the Antioch capital."

According to Cortés, "Things happened to the religious are a stigmatization and acoustic change that receives the people who express their admiration and support for President Alvaro Uribe."

"There is a call for tolerance, respect and respect for people who, like her sister Adriana, are an example of work, tenacity, love of country and service," adds the activist of the Democratic Center.

Finally, he invokes a measure of solidarity with her sister, supporting his initiative to create a kindergarten in one of the communities with which he works through the Crisoles of Love and Peace Foundation.

Torres returned to Medellin in the past and was received in the Minorist Plaza to live cheers to Uribe and to be collected by his militancy in the Democratic Center.

She had also been supported and attacked on social networks, which forced her to keep silent.

Alleged to her sister, she ensured that she had an escort run by the Presidential Victim Unit, after being beaten by hooded motorbikes, according to her same assurance to TIEMPO.

But you guys from the Victim Unit are assured that you check this information.

So much so, the National Unity of Protection (UNP) says that Torres is not among his protected ones.


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