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Uber shows how his flying vehicles will work


Diego Ojeda / @ diegoojeda95.

It is expected that by the year 2023 the public transport application establishes its Uber Air service.

This vehicle has room for five people, counting the driver. Although, apparently, Uber would be working to make the trip run autonomously. Courtesy Uber

Within the Uber Elevate Summit, which is being held on June 11 and 12 Washington, The application of public transportation showed a preview of how they expect the vehicles that will provide the service to function Uber Air.

This new mode, according to travel platform spokespersons, is specially designed to avoid traffic during peak times in congested cities. The model of travel, according to images and videos supplied by the application, will work with the integration of heliports from where the air vehicles will take off and land.

In the installations where the ridge is ahead, there is a prototype of the cockpit of this aerial vehicle. The images provided to the media reveal an interior equipped with five seats, four in the rear and one in front, where the pilot of the aircraft would go. Added to the above, at the back of the there is a luggage compartment.

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The video shows the use of six propellers, four on the wings and two on the tail. All are activated at takeoff and vertical landing. Only two remain in operation during the flight, thus mimicking the operation of a twin-propeller aircraft.

Other companies participated in the design and development of this aircraft. Bipolar Studio and Safran cabin. It is expected that the first tests of the operation of this vehicle will be realized during the year of 2020, in the same way that the projection for the entrance into operation for the public is for 2023.

The executive vice president of Safran Cabin, Scott Savian, explained the aspects that were taken into account for the development of this cabin prototype: "Through the process with Uber, we had six models in scale with multiple iterations in each one, taking into account the seats, the clothes and the positioning of the same ones. windows We do not want any weight or surplus cost, but the mission also requires security, a comfortable experience for the user and uninterrupted interactions throughout the experience. So, although the cabin is somehow minimalist, its construction is expressly designed for the mission ".

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Among the first cities that will try out this new model of travel are Dallas, San Francisco and The angels. An approximate rate of how much a trip with this service may cost is still unknown.

Uber also informed that within the alliances that it managed to consolidate for the development of this project is Aurora Flight Sciences (subsidiary of Boeing), O Nasa (with the signing of some agreements of the Space Law, one of them concerning the management of unmanned traffic) and the Research Laboratory of the Research, Development and Engineering Command US Army (to support the development and testing of vehicles).

It is estimated that the investment to fund the development of rotor technology research will be $ 1 million.

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