Truckers go into unemployment next Friday, November 23 | Colombia


With 68 votes in favor, seven against and a trucker in white will be mobilized from this Friday to express the current difficulties of the transporting union with the National Government.

"There are solutions that do not need money but political will and are not moving forward.s poorly inscribed vehicles that are working unfairly on the market, the working conditions of drivers, among others. These are questions of willingness to carry out immediate executions, "said Felipe Muñoz Monroy, ATC leader, to Radio Caracol.

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He added that neither the Ministry nor the Superintendency of Ports and Transport are taking action to find solutions for the sector.

"It seems they were taking the truck drivers to a standstill. We are in a situation so serious and they take the fuel and the tolls. It seems that the councils of ministers do not talk to each other and do not understand the socioeconomic situation of the transport sector, "the leader told the station.

Added to this, truckers have other difficulties such as freight, scrap and VAT which the government plans to record for freight carriers.

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