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trends that will have the greatest impact during this 2019

Deloitte has shared its predictions about technology, media and telecommunications, such as the democratization of artificial intelligence

We can find the massification of software and artificial intelligence services, or the growth of sports betting.

The increase in sales of 3D printing is also observed, which will exceed US $ 2.7 billion in 2019 and US $ 3 billion in 2020.

We can add to the democratization of artificial intelligence, the strength of sports television and the recovery of 3D printing will set a trend this year, according to Deloitte.

The international consultancy presented its annual forecasts in technology, media and telecommunications. The overcrowding of artificial intelligence (AI) softwares and services, the increase in bets based on sports television and the recovery of sales related to 3D printing, which will exceed US $ 2.7 billion in 2019 and US $ 3 billion in 2020, are some of the trends that will impact the sector this year and next.

Likewise, according to the 18th edition of Deloitte's report "Technology, Media and Telecommunications Forecasts", another of the more dynamic markets will be smart speakers, that is, Internet-connected speakers incorporating voice languages.

It is estimated that in 2019, 164 million units will be sold, bringing this business closer to US $ 7,000 million. For its part, the radio will lead the media sector thanks to its global revenues reaching $ 40 billion in 2019, a 1% increase over 2018.

In addition, Deloitte predicts that the reach of radio will remain almost ubiquitous: more than 85% of the adult population in the developed world will hear radio at least once a week (the same proportion as in 2018), and the range will vary the developing world .

Combined, almost 3 billion people worldwide will listen to the radio weekly.

Of the companies that use artificial intelligence (AI), 70% will get their resources through enterprise-based cloud software and 65% will create artificial intelligence applications using cloud-based development services.

By 2020, penetration rates for enterprise software with integrated artificial intelligence and cloud-based artificial intelligence platforms will reach an estimated 87% and 83%, respectively.

"The cloud will increase efficiency and generate better returns on investment, and we expect these benefits to quickly extend beyond the AI ​​pioneers to a wider range of companies," says Gloria Guevara, a technology technology partner, Media and Technology. Telecommunications in Peru.

Fifth generation networks arrive More speed and connectivity are expected in 2019 with the arrival of large-scale fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. For this year, 25 mobile operators will launch this service globally, a number that is likely to double in 2020.

In this way, faster connections will be offered and new revenue opportunities will be opened for telecommunications companies.

"The 5G will provide traffic increases and network efficiencies 100 times more than 4G, and this has a potentially transformative future for worldwide connectivity," said Craig Wigginton, Deloitte's global telecommunications leader. Management of Peru.

More predictions:

The print jump:
3D-related sales of large listed companies – including printers, materials and 3D business services – will exceed $ 2,700 million in 2019 and $ 3 billion in 2020. This area of ​​the industry is poised to grow by approximately 12.5 % in each of these years, more than double the growth rate of previous years.

Virtual Sports on the Rise:
The US virtual sports market will expand by 35%, driven by advertising, broadcast licensing and franchise sales. The US virtual sports leagues will expand to specific cities, following the professional sports model.

The opportunities of quantum computing:
Quantum computing (CQ) will emerge as one of the greatest revenue opportunities in new technologies over the next decade, but it is unlikely to replace classical computing. The future market for CQ is expected to be comparable to the supercomputer market, at about $ 50 billion per year by 2030.

Bets on sports broadcasts:
Deloitte Global predicts that by 2019, 60 percent of American men between the ages of 18 and 34 who watch sports on television will also bet, and the more they bet, the more sports television they will see. Young people from around the world are watching less traditional TV (live or scheduled TV on any device), but the sports television category is an island of relative strength.

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