Travel the world with the color Perfect Black | Technology


The LG OLED TV achieves the sharpness of any scene with one of the most important colors "The black" only the perfect black of more than 8.3 million of self-luminous, independent pixels reveal the hidden details that no other technology can do.

These televisions are the only ones on the market with a 4K HDR active compatible with 4 types of HDR ensure content playback with unparalleled detail; High quality images in the best Hollywood style.

Your processor

Analyze, clean and enhance the image thanks to the processor's intelligence Alpha 9, You can compare it to a conventional TV and realize how the images reduce noise, it really is exceptional. The sharpness enhanced by this processor increases the fineness of the detail and accentuates the texture of any object, allowing you to enjoy the fantastic jungle and get caught up in the harmony of the color of the exotic macaws.

In addition, the high frequency of the frame (HFR) play content 120 frames per second, keeping the smoothness even in rapid movements. Its vibrant, high-contrast color adjustment projects live shows, movies, and video games with greater fidelity.

From the innovation of televisions LG Oled unique and surprising, is AI ThinQ integrated artificial intelligence that allows for a complete change in lifestyle. This benefit can personalize your television experience, establish shortcuts with voice commands, know and prioritize preferred content, recognize space, and adjust to harmonize scene sounds.

The appearance-

With the unique design of the LG Oled TV The spaces look more elegant and modern, bringing your design to the next level.

Literally, a work of art, the function Gallery Mode or Gallery Mode, view from photos of popular landscapes to spectacularly renowned artwork, accompany them with music and create a perfect atmosphere.

Your sound

The system Dolby Atmos integrated, transports the venue to a moving audio environment that circles around it giving an impressive realism. Experience surround sound 360º.

And so LG offers the best quality for your entertainment, get to know the TVs that carry the thrill of a cinema for the comfort of your home.


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