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One of the worst things that can happen when ordering pizza is that it does not arrive, or that when it arrives, it is cold.

It is in the midst of the dispute over the reign of pizzerias in the United States that Pizza Hut announced – after its association in January with the Toyota car brand – that will have delivery routes a huge Toyota Tundra that will have an oven and robots preparing the pizzas in the way. This, with the goal of reaching the consumers' palate.

The first blow in this fight was given by Domino's Pizza in 2015 when it launched a Chevrolet Spark that included a pizza oven to keep the temperature of the pizza and a refrigerator for drinks, plus other innovations.

After falling behind in the competition, Pizza Hut entered the ring again with the aim of recovering again in sales. However, the debut of this modern casting system has yet to be released.


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