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Today came the May update for the Xbox One and brings these changes

Microsoft does not rest on its mission to offer the best experience to its players. That's why your Xbox team is working on a new update for Xbox One. In it, players will find some changes in messages, friends list, and more.

As reported on Major Nelson's blog, this new update to Xbox One will make adjustments to friends lists so you not only know what you are playing but also know from where. In other words, it will have an icon that will tell you if your friend is playing on an Xbox One, Windows 10, or a mobile device.

As we have already mentioned, this update will also bring changes to the messages, and Microsoft says it will make them "smarter." This will be achieved by filtering messages that come from strangers and so they will not bother you as you navigate your conversations with your friends. Keep in mind that this type of message will appear in a tab similar to Request for message on social networks like Facebook.

The bad news is that this change will have some consequences and the messages from the group will be lost. Fortunately, you can visit the official Xbox site, log in and search for them to be archived on your computer. In this way, your epic conversations will not be lost. We reiterate that this will only affect group conversations and that your private messages with individual users will be safe.

Finally, the Xbox team made adjustments to make it easier to find your favorite content in the My Games and Apps section. This is because articles will not be considered when looking for games. For example, if you want to find The Witcher: Wild Hunting, will appear if you are looking for Witcher's W instead of The T's.

Finally, Microsoft recalled that all these adjustments were possible for feedback from fans who are part of the Xbox Insider program. So I took the opportunity to thank you for joining us to make Xbox One a better console.

And you, what do you think of this news? Is there anything else you would like to see on the Xbox One? Tell us in the comments.

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