To stand in front of a pasture


It is not to hide under the bed. Do not turn on the alarms and ask for help. It is not an unstoppable machine, it is not an indomitable beast. Deportivo Pasto, rival of Junior on the 17th of the Eagle League, tomorrow at the Metropolitan Stadium (6pm), is one of the teams of the irregular tournament in Colombia, in which anyone surpasses anyone and what today seems Crisis tomorrow may be fighting against ranking.

In fact, Nariño's team started the tournament with a series of wins of four games without knowing victory, then won in two consecutive games and then called three more games if they triumphed. He did not escape the ups and downs of the Creole cast, but in the last eight rounds he was unbeaten and undertook a return in the standings with seven wins and only one draw (0-0). Already in fourth in the standings with the same points of the second and third, Tolima and Junior, respectively.

In that winning line, the painting directed by an old known of the pastime rojiblanca, Alexis Garci'a, brought its main virtue: a rocky defense. They hardly received a goal (in the 3-1 victory over Cúcuta as a visitor).

In six of the eight games they have accumulated without losing, a goal was enough to celebrate the three points. Garcia's students make the best defense of the tournament with only 10 innings.

They do not need to score to win, in fact they only have 16 goals in 16 games, one goal per game. It is a set very similar to the old coach of Junior, solid in defense and stingy in attack. Similar to what he forged during his days in Equity.

Junior, who remains the league's only undefeated but has five consecutive league draws (his last win was March 24, 3-0 against Huila), he needs to decipher the safe pastusa and score a goal later of two 0-0 followed against Nacional and Cali.

"It's going to be an extremely difficult game, you have to compete at the highest level to add three. We came in a track that keeps us away from where we wanted to be at the table, it's a good opportunity for people to leave the stadium happy again," he said. Marlon Piedrahita, who knows the opponent who will "participate" in the colossus of the stadium. Citadel

"It is a rival that comes from a positive sequence and that is in the first places of the table, you have to be careful. They have achieved important results for visitors, have consolidated, have a game idea, are very strong, very physical," said the anti-Cuban right-wing.

Luis Fernando Suárez, manager of rojiblancos, also warns that the game "will not be easy".

"It's a team that defends well and then strikes well, it's the team that scored the least goals in the league, it will not be easy," said Suárez.

"We have to improve in that to be more effective, we will certainly have a lot of time, but we will also give a lot of spaces in which we can counter attack, we must be very attentive, what spaces we can leave free when we lose the ball, we have to be clever in that, then continue to have mobility, continue to have what we want to do, the team will break a lot more, open up the court and be converted in the end, is that if you will arrive and there is no way to be effective, it is complicated "Logically, we expect the changes," said the TD. That's right, you have to step steadily and without hesitation in the rival area, the grass is cultivated.

Who will be the eleven?

Teófilo Gutiérrez will return to the starting lineup? Will Matías Fernández stay? Luis Narvaez will play? Fredy Hinestroza will act?

There are several questions about the junior team that will face Deportivo Pasto tomorrow, starting at 6pm, at Metropolitan Stadium Roberto Meléndez.

Luis Fernando Suarez has all of his team available except Jefferson Gomez, who suffered a serious knee injury that will unfortunately keep him out of competition for the rest of the year. The DT still has not given any light on what will be the Sharks' eleventh baseman.


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