This is why Tini Stoessel did not agree to be Sebastian Yatra's girlfriend.


Looks like Tini Stoessel do you think a relationship with Sebastian Yatra would not work

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Although Tini and Sebastian have insisted on denying rumors of romance that began a few months ago, their actions can not hide the incredible chemistry that exists between them because they kissed in front of thousands of people during a show!

But why did not they formalize their relationship? During a recent interview, Tini confessed that their relationship would probably not work, but that she certainly feels a lot of love for him.

"We met a long time ago, 3 or 4 years ago, and we got along really well. I think our kiss was because we certainly have chemistry, and it was really something of the moment, but we're not dating, he lives on a plane and it's difficult, nobody knows what can happen": Tini stated.

It's a shame that Tini thinks his relationship with Sebastian has no future for now, so we hope he considers it in the future, they make a lovely couple! Do not you think?

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