This is how Goku and Vegeta appear in Power Tournament according to Naohiro Shintani


Naohiro Shintani is a renowned Dragon Ball Super animator who has captured the hearts of most fans of the franchise.

Artists around the world seem to have agreed to pay tribute to Naohiro Shintani, designer of Dragon Ball Super, creating several adaptations of the original anime according to the art of the beloved Japanese animator.

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An artist known as CELL-MAN shared on Twitter a Dragon Ball Super anime scene according to the Shintani technique. The scene corresponds to chapter 127 of the saga of the Tournament of Power, in which Goku and Vegeta in the Saiyan mode of God face Jiren.

The art of Dragon Ball Super was well received by fans of the anime, because he took care of the details that Shintani has in drawing the Z Warriors. We note, for example, the flatter colors without much depth in the gestures of the characters. It also draws attention to the design of Vegeta's eyes, which are considerably different from the final version of the anime.

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Naohiro Shintani was director and chief animation supervisor and character designer in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, whose box office exceeded 100 million dollars worldwideand the second season of the anime.


After the Power Tournament, a saiyan that they have never seen before appears before Goku and Vegeta. This is the story of Broly, a boundless saiyan …

Peace returned once more to Earth after the Power Tournament. After discovering that in the different universes there are incredibly powerful beings that he has not yet seen, Goku intends to continue training to become even stronger. Then one day, a saiyan named Broly that they have never seen before appears before Goku and Vegeta. But the Saiyans should be virtually extinct in the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so what is this doing on Earth? Even Frieza, from hell, is involved in this encounter between three Saigans who have followed completely different destinies and which soon becomes a fierce battle against a warrior who seems to have no limits.



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