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This can undergo your brain if you eat junk food

Mexico City.- Eating junk food can be enjoyable for us and for our taste buds But eating these types of products can be harmful because our brains can suffer the consequences.

O Health's Secretary He said some types of junk food like chips, candy, soda, ice cream, biscuits, pizzas, hot dogs and hamburgers, affect our health, especially our brain.

This type of food stimulates the release of dopamine into our brain, which creates the sensation of pleasure, well-being and satiety, and it is for the same reason that when we are angry, stressed or anxious, our desire increases.

An investigation led by Keenan Walker, postdoctoral fellow in neurology at university Johns Hopkins at Balitmoreand The result showed that consumption of junk food and lack of physical activity causes inflammation in the brain.

It is important to do some physical activity.

This long-term inflammation is caused by chronic health problems, such as obesity, heart disease or diabetes, derived from the consumption of this type of food.

We found that middle-aged people who had higher levels of inflammatory markers in the blood tended to have a faster rate of decline in the next 20 years, especially in memory measures, "the doctor explained.

The investigation also concluded that If you exercise consistently, in addition to a slave diet and correct sleep habits, it can help avoid age-related risks in brain function.

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