They condemn a 53-year prison sentence to the & # 39; Foundation Monster & # 39;


Adolfo Enrique Arrieta confessed to having sexually agreed with the 9-year-old girl who later murdered and burned her body in the courtyard of her house in September 2018.

Judge Tercero Promiscuo of the Foundation, Alfonso Saade, sentenced to 53 years and 8 months in prison, Adolfo Enrique Arrieta García, confessed murderer of Genesis Rúa Vizcaíno, the 9-year-old girl who was sexually abused on September 28 of last year. She was strangled and her body burned on a wood stove that she prepared in the courtyard of her house. The abominable crime happened in the Porvenir neighborhood of the Foundation, Magdalena.

The sentence against the so-called & # 39; Foundation Monster & # 39; was produced after a short hearing (approximately 40 minutes) where the togado, after having narrated the facts, read the verdict. The sentence was imputed for the crime of aggravated feminicide in a heterogeneous contest with aggravated violent carnal access.

At the public hearing, the suspect was not present, but his defense lawyer; In addition, the victim's mother, Yeimy Vizcaíno, was present, and she was very sorry. The father, Benjamín Rua, did not appear, according to relatives, "because he did not have the strength to do it".

Yeimy Vizcaino, the mother of the girl Genesis Rúa, watched the audience.

Yeimy Vizcaino, the mother of the girl Genesis Rúa, watched the audience.

María Paula Escorcia, a lawyer from the Rúa Vizcaíno family, explained that "it was an exemplary phrase that allows us to send a message to Colombian society about the care and protection we should have with our children." "A message of justice is being given," he remarked.

He commented that the penalty imposed was not 60 years, the maximum expected, because it was not legally viable "because there was a lack of criminal record in the defendant."

It is a sentence without benefit of any kind, because Adolfo Arrieta García must remain behind bars for more than half a century.

The messages on the social networks about this decision celebrate the sentence. The lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella, lawyer for the victims, was vehement in a trill. "This animal is going to die behind the bars as it should be. We need life imprisonment for rapists and child killers now!" He wrote.

Exemplary penalty

The Secretary of the Interior of Magdalena and coordinator of the Network of Women, Norma Vera, thanked the justice who effectively obtained an exemplary sentence; However, he added: "Such cases should continue to worry us as a society."

"We need a strong commitment from mothers and fathers of families, institutions, police and all sectors that are part of the integral path for girls and women who are victims of violence, that there is no more Genesis in the country," the official said.

Judge Alfonso Saade when reading the conviction.

Judge Alfonso Saade when reading the conviction.

He urged parents to increase the "logic of protection for younger children".

"From the Interior Magdalena Secretariat we will continue to activate protocols and ensure the rights of women and girls," he said.

He added that "this exemplary phrase is a message to child rapists."

The case

The aberrant case that shocked an entire country was registered on the afternoon of September 28 in the Foundation's Porvenir neighborhood, when Arrieta García kidnapped the child and forced her into her home, where she sexually abused her. He strangled her and in an attempt to erase any evidence, set fire to the body, according to their own confession.

An ample column of smoke and the smell of burned flesh caused his neighbors to alert the authorities to the incident. It was thus that the patrollers of the police quadrant arrived at the property and found the girl's charred remains and the material evidence (clothing) of which she was the youngest.

Adolfo Arrieta García is 54 years old and lived in the neighborhood of El Porvenir, in the municipality of Fundación (Magdalena). He worked in private business, especially distributing dairy products in a van he owned.


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