Sunday , February 28 2021

These are the apps that you should remove from your phone now


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Avast has published a list of programs that you do not recommend installing on your phone and it is best to remove them if you have already downloaded them.

More of 20 applications Popular Android devices contain undeclared and unwanted features, which literally fill smartphones with spam.

According to company experts Avast, which produces programs to protect computers, these applications include:

  • Shoot them;
  • Crush Car;
  • Rolling Scroll;
  • Helicopter attack – New;
  • Assassin Legend – 2020 new;
  • Helicopter shooting;
  • Rugby Pass;
  • Flying skateboard;
  • Iron;
  • Shooting race;
  • Plant monster;
  • Find Hidden;
  • Find 5 differences – 2020 New;
  • Rotation form;
  • Jump Jump;
  • Find the differences – puzzle game;
  • Sway Man;
  • Desert Against;
  • Money destroyer;
  • Cream Trip – New
  • Rescue Props.

These programs were downloaded from Google Play more than eight million times. Experts warn that the real purpose of these applications is to display a large number of advertisements across the operating system. And apps themselves can hide their icons on the infected device, making them difficult to find and remove.

Experts also recommend never downloading new apps from Google Play that have no user ratings or negative ratings. It is important to pay attention to authorizations required by the application and see if there are many.

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