There are 76 deaths in traffic accidents in the country so far this week


Until this Friday, the number of injured people reaches 866 and 135 people tested positive for alcohol.

Traffic and transportation authorities across the country so far have reported 76 people killed in road traffic accidents across the country, although there are two days to the end of the week, which are usually the most accidents.

The director of Transit and Transportation of the National Police, General Carlos Rodríguez, said that although there is a reduction in accidents that leave lives lost, people must comply with the recommendations because "there are already 7,400 registrations that were imposed on different citizens the country especially not take the technical-mechanical review, the driver's license and also for overtaking in prohibited places. "

In total, there were 696 registered accidents that left 76 dead.

However, General Rodríguez points out that this year, compared to the same period of the previous year, "we have a fundamental reduction in the rate of road accidents: 96 cases less, equivalent to 12%. case of injury to persons in traffic accidents ".

The causes that generated the most comparisons until this week were not the driver's license, compulsory insurance and the lack of technical-mechanical revision.

Another of the most infringed rules is to overtake in a prohibited area, which is one of the maneuvers that most generate accidents on the country's roads. So far, at least 2,300 breathalyzer tests have been performed, with 135 of them being positive.

The number of vehicles in motion is expected to increase in the last two days of Holy Week, but so far there are 6 million vehicles traveling on national roads.


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