The shameful couple's fight was starred by millionaire player Jair Palacios in the middle of the mall |


Jair Palacios – millionaires

The fight of a shameful couple was played by millionaire player Jair Palacios with his wife in a mall in Bogota, apparently in the middle of a jealous attack the athlete took his partner's cell phone and destroyed it by throwing it against a column in the square of food.

During the program the Red & # 39; the Juan Carlos Giraldo presented was in charge to narrate what happened, the couple was eating when Jair grabbed his wife's cell phone and left, seeing this she started to shout, "Pick up, pick up the phone!" As if he were a thief.

The player threw the cell phone against a column and placed the safety of the mall came along with the police who stopped the couple and took them to a URI to make a statement.

However, before they could speak Jair's lawyer arrived and talked to the agents and the couple to arrange everything, finally, they did not open any proceedings for the player because his wife did not want to report after making up.


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