The secret formula with which Porsche sold more than 911 than ever before


Porsche has the secret formula to turn the latest generation of the Porsche 911 into an absolute success because in Stuttgart we admit that the last year of life of 911 (991) was the best year of the model's sales. And we said that getting something like that is not easy. Said that, what was the trick of Porsche to sell 911 more than ever at the end of its life as 991 and what's more important as he plans to replicate this success with the new 992.

The Porsche 911 992 will see more GT versions than ever before

It is no secret that every car that is special and limited becomes commercial success, especially if we are talking about manufacturers with a certain history and history, such as Porsche. Therefore, although Porsche has undertaken its private war against speculators, it is also determined to we manufacture ever more special and exclusive cars to offer custom and exclusive cars.

As confirmed by Porsche itself, the best selling year of the 991 series was its last year, something unusual in the commercial life of a car. As a general rule, the last years of a car's life are usually the worst due to the obsolescence of the model and the knowledge of its early release. However the Porsche 911 991 managed to break the usual trend and picked it up based on special editions and the launch of its most exclusive and cited versions..

The maturation process undergone by the Porsche 991.2 allowed to put in the market new GT3, GT3 RS, GT3 Touring and GT2 RS, models of great weight in the level of sales that managed to sign an exceptional commercial year. Willing to repeat the formula, Oliver Blume as CEO of Porsche confirmed that in generation 992 they will focus on creating more "GT" versions, an intent that could bring us a kind of range of models and versions even wider than that seen in the 991 generation. So much so that the first rumors already speak of new bodies inside the acronym GT, leaving the door open for more usable GT3 specifications on a day-to-day basis, as advocated by the tour package, but using cabrio or targa bodies.


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