The response of the man who assaulted his cub in an elevator


These days the video of a guy pateanto to a small dog in an elevator was known. Well, the authorities found it and the response of the man who assaulted his dog generated outrage.

The incident occurred in Pasto on April 15. By 6 pm, in the Arboleda building, an inhabitant knocked on his pet while they were in the elevator. The video was recorded by the security camera.

Apparently, the matter is a UN official, which has generated more outrage, because it is a body that promotes peace.

On Thursday, thanks to the video, the Environmental Police went to inspect the case and the Lord's justification left many speechless.

In response to his actions, he said: "Yes, I do, I did because I was lost."

The little hairy man stays at a veterinarian in Pasto, getting attention.

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