Yes well Tesla is concentrating its efforts on taking Model 3 to more territories in the world, they have not forgotten the other two vehicles that precede it, the Models and Model X. The automaker already works in the renewal of both vehicles, however, it looks like your upgrade will be more important than initially expected.

The portal Electrek reports that, according to sources close to Tesla software, the company prepares a total powertrain upgrade. The other major beneficiaries of the renewal would be interior drawing and of course the electric motor. The initiative is known internally as the Raven Project.

On the other hand, the batteries would be based on the same 2170 cell architecture You already have Model 3. Although there is no information about your capacity yet, it is expected to exceed the 100kWh currently offered.

In addition, the new batteries take advantage of the loading speed of the new Superchargers V3, which will allow the transfer of electricity until 250kW. The beta phase of these Superchargers has already been installed in San Francisco, California, currently only for Model 3. They will expand to the rest of the US territory in the second and third quarters of this year, while Europe and Asia should wait until the last quarter of 2019.

Finally, the code shows the Support for fast loading of CCS on model S and model X, a characteristic present in model 3 of Europe. However, it is not known if this latest news will only reach the versions for the old continent.

When will the renewal of the S and X models arrive? Rumors point to the month of June, but those led by Elon Musk did not want to reveal details about it. Although nothing is confirmed, it makes sense that the new cars take advantage of the latest battery technologies and the possibilities of the V3 Superchargers. Certainly, in the coming weeks, more details will emerge.