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The plan to save the EPS Saludvida

A saved plan focused on the financial sector, but also to improve the Colombian health service, was presented by 40 IPS in the country to avoid the settlement of the Saludvida EPS, announced by the National Superintendence of Salud.

The representative of them Service Providers Institutions of Salud, Andrés SilvaHowever, this plan would prevent more than 15,000 people from having to work and 1,153,000 users through their medical care and treatment.

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The proposals include capitalizing at least 50% of the existing debt with the provider, which amounts to 350,000 million pesos, which would generate a fundamental exchange rate on the financial indicators that would give Saludvida with the greatest financial capacity that any other EPS in the country.

Other initiatives are el The financial recovery plan for the EPS would be four years, when the National Superintendence of Salud would lead the process.

Además, established that in this period the current provider would commit to providing a financial oversight of current arrangements that allow EPS strikes a balance in monthly operation.

The voice of IPS says that to improve the financial component, if better the scientific technical component and if disminuye el porcentaje de PQR (Petitions, Quejas y Complaints), which could improve the opportunity, access and quality of services.

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Asimismo, the red provider or the accreditors who will become partners via capitalization commit to obtain the required capital injection for the cleaning of the company during this period of its financial restructuring.

This proposal intends to save the EPS Saludvida, maintaining there, its employees, suppliers, provision of health services and include the public network in order to avoid a property deterioration to the public hospitals the aid to the public hospitals is of 210 thousand million ”, subrayó Silva.

This proposed financial and medical service has been presented to the liquidator at the National Superintendency and the Ministry of Health., so that the expectation is that there will be a positive response that will allow them to have the hope that this EPS will not be liquidated.

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