The new Motorola Moto Z4 only has a guaranteed system upgrade


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If you were thinking of buying the new Motorola Moto Z4 introduced in late May 2019, you may be interested to know that The Californian company seems intent on offering its owners only a major upgrade of the system in its latest modular device.

This has been confirmed by the company itself for Digital Trends, and is that Motorola plans to upgrade the device to Android Q in the future – for now unknown – but it's not certain that Android R will eventually arrive for the last member of the Moto Z series.

Motorola does not guarantee the arrival of Android R to Moto Z4

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It is not the first time Motorola has been plunged into a controversy of this kind by not make clear your plans regarding the support of your devices. Last year, we saw how the brand did not guarantee the arrival of monthly safety patches to the models of the series Moto G6 and E5. Now, however, the case is repeated with a terminal of about 450 euros to change.

Taking into account that the Moto Z4 comes with Android 9 Pie inside, and that the brand guarantees a single system update, it is hoped that sooner or later it will be able to upgrade to Android Q, but the brand preferred not to get wet and leave out plans for the future version of Android that would arrive in the summer of 2020. That does not mean that it discards the possible arrival of this version in the future. Simply, those who decide to buy the phone, you will not be sure to updateYes, the security patches are insured for 24 months, with a bimonthly frequency

We also recommend – and will continue to do so – to buy models of the brand such as Moto G7 Power or Moto G7 Plus, since they are great terminals that will not disappoint their owners. Regardless of, given that brands such as OnePlus already guarantee that their phones will stay current for at least three years, we would like to see a greater involvement from one of the most important companies in the mid-range segment in this regard. We are confident that the brand will change its mind and guarantee at least two years of updates for its new Moto Z4.

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