The monthly inflation variation was 0.12% in October, according to Dane


November 4, 2018 – 10:22 a.m.



On Saturday, the director of the National Administrative Department of Statistics, Juan Daniel Oviedo, presented the annual variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In the report, it was indicated that the monthly variation for October was of 0.12%; and the annual variation reached 3.33%.

"You may think that the next few months are inflation over the past year, but in terms of monetary policy these levels, close to 3.20%, or in this style are not worrisome for the Bank of the Republic," he said. Sergio Olarte, director of economic research at BTG Pactual.

Education, health, transportation and housing were the groups with the highest annual inflation variation.

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Education stood at 5.37%, health at 4.64%, transportation at 4.39% and housing at 4.08%.

The monthly CPI contribution by expenditure group was led by housing with 0.11%, transportation by 0.03% and food by 0.01%.

According to the Dane bulletin, in October 2018 in relation to October 2017, the main expenses that contributed the most were leasing imputed (3.55%), effective leasing (3.46%), lunch (3.43%) ), electricity (7.31%), retirement (8.46%), fuel for vehicles (7.79%), aqueduct, sewage and sanitary (6.85%), buses (5.51%), in higher education and non-formal education (5.60%) and other fresh fruits (11.06%).

The highest negative contributions are found in: other vegetables (-22.53%), panela (-19.30%), sugar (-9.27%), rice (-2.47%) and sauces and dressings (-6.80%).

"The big factor that dominated this year in the inflation index is housing," said Juan Daniel Oviedo, director of Dane.


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