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the last update is installed twice and you do not know why

The 1809 version of Windows 10, also known as the problematic update of October 2018, received cumulative update more, and with that, another bug for the list that this time is quite rare: the update is installed twice.

Initially reported in several Reddit threads, Microsoft has posted the problem on its known bug page, indicating that currently They are investigating the bug. and will provide more information when it becomes available.

Basically, it is not yet known why this is happening, and seems to be a common problem, according to several users in Microsoft photos and Reddit. Everyone reports that when you look for updates with Windows Update and proceed to install the update, after the corresponding restart to be installed, the update starts to be installed again.

It is an important cumulative update that we recommend installing and "at least" does not cause glitches like the previous one

While the strange bug is investigated, the good news is that at least this does not seem to cause any additional problems in the system, except for the space occupied by the dual update, and we should see the good side if we take into account that the previous cumulative update slowed down the system and even caused flaws.

As part of the usual patches on Tuesdays, Windows 10 received the update KB4494441 this week, which in addition to bringing security updates, includes bug fixes and improvements, as well as enabling "Reptoline" by default, one of the important mitigations for Spectrum that improves performance, then it is highly recommended that you install it.

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