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Faces full of joy and hope were taken yesterday in the municipality of Santa Catalina, after the governor of Bolívar, Dumek Turbay Paz, announced the execution of projects that for many years were requested by its inhabitants and will now be a reality. Investments to improve health services, infrastructure, drinking water, tourism and recreation are included in the announced projects.

"This is what we expected, because Santa Catalina has a lot of potential to increase tourism and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, but it is necessary to invest a lot in its resources," said Freddy Castro, who has been working as a tour guide for 30 years . Volcan del Totumo, one of the main attractions in the region and where the president's visit began, reaffirming it as Bolivarian territory.

Boosting Tourism

In the middle of the presentation of the band of peace of the corregimiento was inaugurated the point of tourism and information for national and international visitors, for which representatives of merchants' associations and tourist guides of the area agreed with a larger organization in order to provide a better service

The goal of this permanent information point is that tourists can find a place where information is unified and know what attractions can be found on site, in addition to the volcano. The programming of this point will be from 8 am to 6 pm.

"The point of information will be an institutional follow-up so that all visitors receive first-hand information and appreciate in detail everything that this emblematic place offers," said Lucy Espinosa, director of Icultur.

He also considered working with associations to make investments in tourist services, such as parking and trails, as well as in the Totumo marsh.
Medical equipment

After the visit to Totumo Volcano, the administration of the department delivered a new medical team to the health center of the corregimiento of Arena Lomita, in which it invested US $ 78 million.

Supplies such as a couch for medical exams, a neck lamp, a two-step ladder, a serum pulpit, a small surgical device, a wall-mount device, a wall-mounted blood pressure monitor, a wall scale, a floor scales and a scale Babies with stadiometer were delivered.

Also adult and pediatric phonendoscope, glucometer, examination table with stirrups, infantometer, table for cures, table for baby scales, odontological unit, oil-free compressor, high and low part kit, photopolymerization lamp, among other nursing supplies, promotion and prevention and general medicine.

They will have drinking water

More than 30 years of suffering from drinking water service in Lomita Arena will be overcome thanks to the potable water plant that will be built in this city, which will also benefit Pueblo Nuevo, El Olivo, Colorado and El Jobo.
To realize this reality, the government of Bolivar will invest US $ 5,000 million and the mayor of Santa Catalina, US $ 500 million.
"Today (yesterday) we feel satisfaction because this is a fight we had for more than 30 years, the aqueduct is the most serious problem of these populations and now we are witnessing great advances," concluded Manuel Polo, a resident of Lomita Arena.
For his part, Governor Dumek Turbay Paz assured that before the end of the year, the hiring process would begin.

Track improvement

Currently the 1, 8 kilometers that make up the road to the Totumo Volcano are interposed with machinery of the Departmental Administration for improvement.
These works include road maintenance, debris (weeding), drainage works, signaling and asphalting.
In addition, in the corregimiento of Galerazamba advance the works of signaling and sprinkling.

Suspend boundary

In the middle of his visit to the Volcano del Totumo, the governor of Bolivar announced that he will ask the Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi (Igac) to suspend the process of delimitation that he is carrying out to define the borders between Bolívar and Atlántico, a process he carried out a few days ago in the municipality Repelón and that prepared a last visit in May of 2019. Nevertheless, the president-president of the bolivarenses assured that neither of the two departments is interested in this process.

Turbay said that his counterpart, Eduardo Verano de la Rosa, publicly warned that he was not interested in changing the limits, so there is no reason for Igac to continue the demarcation process.

"Governor Verano de la Rosa said that they have no interest in discussing the issue of limits and of course we much less then my invitation is to sign a petition addressed to Igac, to suspend the delimitation and accept as they are. limits from the start. "

In addition, Turbay invited Verano to begin processes of integral development between the two communities.

"We can identify some points in the border area to make social investments for communities, no matter what department they are in and if there are two departments unifying resources we can do so, in addition to being at Igac is making profit decisions for both communities "said the president.

He added that he will wait for the return of his colleague, who is in the United States, to attend and sign the request.

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