The first photo of Demi Lovato after three months in rehab


On July 24, Demi Lovato was found unconscious in her apartment in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. Immediately, the pop star was treated for emergencies and transferred to a health center. Once they managed to stabilize him, it was decided to go to a rehab center. After three months in treatment, Disney finally exchica He left the institution where he was.

"She just returned to Los Angeles a few days ago," a 26-year-old singer told the magazine. People Last week, his mother, Diana De La Garza, told how the artist did after spending 90 days without eating. "I could not be prouder of her", the woman said in a radio interview.

The first photo of Demi Lovato after leaving the rehab center.
The first photo of Demi Lovato after leaving the rehab center.

The place TMZ He portrayed the young woman with a mysterious companion over the past weekend. They were dining together at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. The photo of that night shows for the first time Lovato after the hospitalization. This portal informs him that he was also at a spa and at a Halloween party at Universal Studio.

The singer fought against addictions, depression and eating disorders for years. In 2011, she received treatment for bipolar disorder, bulimia, self-injury and dependence, but she relapsed after leaving the treatment center. "Sometimes I work so hard on my emotional well-being that I forget that I'm bipolar, but other days I feel so bad, I have to relax, call people who help me and talk to my therapist," said the star in an interview. Press conference.


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