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The first day of Daniel Quintero as the alcalde elect of Medellin

On Sunday night, during his first words to the city, the Alcalde elect of Medellin, Daniel Quintero Calle, I assure you that your government will be one of unity “and this unity for thanking the current Federico Gutiérrez. Let's build on it. ”

And in pursuit of that purpose, the first day of the future mandate of the Medellinenses passed between the two: on the ground he met with Gutiérrez, also with the future governor of Antioch, Hannibal Gaviria, which I said that "since we have differences in the past, we will work together for Antioch and Medellin."

The 12th floor of the Administrative Center La Alpujarra was the stage for the meeting between the alcove that came and went. Both will state that during the course of the course the route was set to begin the impalement process as soon as possible.

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And on the average day, Quintero went to the Novotel El Tesoro hotel, where the elect governor, Hannibal Gaviria, I was waiting. It will share during the conversation and the conversation will turn on the key points on the ones that will bring a joint work route.

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In the middle of the formality, also time selfies, which leaders share in their social networking profiles.

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