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The Chinese do not use Google, nor do they need it. As millions of users shudder over how they would change their lives if they could not access the tools of the American giant with their Huawei handsets, the Chinese live in their own cybernetic ecosystem & # 39; and do not even remember that it exists.

After months of controversy over growing censorship by Chinese officials, in 2010 Google shut down most of its operations in mainland China after cyber attacks on Gmail users and disagreements with the government over control of search results.

Nine years later, almost no one in China remembers what Google was and searches for information (censored) on the Internet, they use Baidu, the second most used search engine in the world.

We must remember that, with more than 772 million Internet users (data for 2017), China is the country with the most Internet users (almost triple the US, which has 287 million), one fifth of the world total.

How would this affect Chinese users the fact that Google has suspended deals with Huawei? In (almost) nothing, experts say, because they could continue to use all the applications with which they survive and enjoy life.

"I do not see that the decision will affect the navigation of Chinese Internet users, since all the tools provided by Google in China are provided by companies like Tencent, Baidu, Huawei … Absolutely everything, maps, music, videos, the search engines … there is always a company that does the same in China, if there are not several, "explains Efe Ervis Micukaj, a computer engineer working in the city of Shanghai (east of the country).

And, above all possible applications, remember, it's the WeChat, which in China "is more important than any operating system." Although it is popularly known as the equivalent of WhatsApp, Tencent application has more and more functions necessary for the everyday life of the Chinese: social network, payment tool, intermediary services …

"You give the Chinese people a choice between a highly evolved mobile with many applications, but without WeChat and a simpler one with WeChat, they choose the second because it's becoming more and more present in their lives," he says.

As another engineer working in China, the Spaniard Jose Luis Sánchez Jiménez insists, "for them Google is nothing" because his whole life revolves around Chinese applications and each brand has its own store where updates are downloaded from them .

Neither Gmail nor YouTube, children of Google. For the mail they use Tencent QQ (the most popular) and for the videos they enter Youku.

So even in the most extreme case that Huawei decided to completely abandon Android and launch its own operating system, Chinese users would be affected.

"A Chinese does not care about the operating system it uses, and if you tell them you're Chinese and Huawei, they'll be more proud and never lose any of your apps," adds Sánchez Jiménez.

So in the hypothetical new Huawei without Android, there would be version of the taxi application DiDi with which they move, the e-commerce giant Taobao with which they do their shopping and the who brings the food to their homes Shanghai (China), May 21 (EFE) | Paula Escalada Medrano


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