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The BMW scooter (luxury) that kills the big bikes

When BMW He seriously entered the field of scooters, after the design exercise became reality that was the C1, he did it in style, following the parameters of the German brand. Thus was born the C 600/650, a maxiscooter high performance that, with two versions, Sport and GTLittle did he have to envy some half cylinder bikes. But to compete in the purely urban segment, and without forgetting the extra-urban area, BMW has now put its new C 400 GT, a half-cylinder scooter that enjoys Wide range of use.

With the GT, which evolves from the first version of the C 400 X, BMW adapts comfortably to the GT concept, Great Tourism. But it goes much further with this scooter, because it develops with equal ease both in the city and outside, offering a extraordinary versatility, even without giving up a certain sporting character, which is noticeable in the first gasoline stroke.

Both the GT and the X share the same engine, a single cylinder 350cc which offers no less than 34 HP of power, with a linear and vigorous response of the low regimen. Honestly, that impresses your acceleration. With the first acceleration you can notice a complete engine This allows you to leave behind the traffic since the green light is placed, something that is fundamental in the urban traffic if it is circulated in motorcycle.

It moves well in the city and on the road.
It moves well in the city and on the road.

As with any BMW model, everything is waste of technology and first level equipment. The C 400 GT has ABS BMW Motorrad; Keyless Ride keyless start system; LED lights in all optical and intermittent; the BMW ASC system and its automatic stability control; the intelligent Flex Case system, which allows ample space under the seat; anti-theft alarm And, of course, the scorecard offers a wealth of immense information, with flawless 6 "TFT screen 5, which includes on-board computer, and allows you to configure this information according to the taste of the owner. You have the possibility to be fully connected through the BMW Motorrad Connected application.

An authentic GT

We are facing a Premium Model which has excellent conditions to be a GT, despite its small but efficient single cylinder of 350 hp. The taller screen, which offers effective protection, heated seat and cuffs, and careful ergonomics encourage you to leave the city without a mileage limit. BMW claims a fuel consumption of 3.5 liters at 100 km, which united his 12.8 liter tank, puts its autonomy in a more than reasonable interval of 300 kilometers.

In addition, it has rack rack, as we said before, a generous space under the seat, two boxes of gloves, smartphone support, dual USB socket … In short, everything is needed in a GT. Both the driver and the companion enjoy a very comfortable position. The pilot seat has a lumbar support generous and comfortable that makes it a real armchair, and the passenger, although super-elevated, does not receive an excessive flagellum of the wind, and has two practical handles to grasp, if desired.

On the go

Although, by concept, we stand in front of a GT scooter, its response in the the city is excellent. It is handled easily between traffic, seat height It is the right way to paddle between cars (only 775 mm), and also the design of the platforms allows you to firmly hold your feet on the ground when you have to stop. As we said before, your overwhelming response to the first gas attack is a guarantee of security, but not at all abrupt: The throttle control is perfectly regulated. And its content weight – yes 212 pounds, but with a gravity center very low who does not notice these pounds – allows you to move with agility.

It has a very low center of gravity, which makes driving easier.
It has a very low center of gravity, which makes driving easier.

By the way, when it comes to parking, the C 400 GT has central easel – That it does not require much effort to implement it and goat's paw, then you can choose the way to leave it parked.

On the road, you have to save to avoid being exposed to traffic. The engine stretches sufficiently and has sufficient momentum to safely surpass. O Cruise of 120 km / h the legal speed is greatly exceeded and, little to neglect, the odometer is planted above 140 km / h without looking, so it has the right conditions of a GT. Has double brake disc front with radial anchor and ABS clamp developed by Continental, which is very effective, and the suspensions meet your touch and travel extensively.

The price of the BMW C 400 GT is from € 7,950, with a three-year warranty, and is available in three colors: white, gray or black.


Motor: single cylinder four-stroke, four-valve, liquid cooling.

Maximum power: 34 hp at 7,500 rpm.

Maximum torque: 35 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

Displacement: 350 c.c.

Dimensions: 2,210 x 1,437 x 835 mm.

Wheelbase: 1,565 mm.

Weight: 212 pounds

Tires: 120 / 70-15 at the front and 150 / 70-14 behind.

Fuel tank: 12.8 liters.

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