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Wuilker Fariñez is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper of Colombian football today and, likewise, one of the most influential players in the table of Jorge Luis Pinto and in the generality of the contest.

With his defenses, during each encounter, the Venezuelan showed a very high level and although, as usually happens in his position, mistakes are not lacking, his defenses have made pass the few failures presented, practically unnoticed, something that happens in few cases because The goal will always be the cost of a team.

However, this key team ambassador could play his last game on Saturday at the El Campin stadium in Bogotá, because besides the rumors that place him far from the Colombian capital, the goalkeeper will miss the last game of The Last Home Runs and in the case of a possible final he would not be under the three clubs to defend the colors of his team since he will concentrate with the Venezuelan national team as of June 3.

The bass, in addition to regrettable, suggests the end of a step by the goalkeeper in the Bogota team, with which during this semester he played in several of the best plays and memorable performances as we will remember below:

The triple defense against the National

In a classic full of emotions and in which National tried to overcome the resistance of Wuilker in every possible way, his figure was magnified. The result, a triple defense praised by FIFA and fans who went crazy when they saw the goalkeeper fly side by side, showing some reflexes and strength in the legs that few have.

The header for Aristeguieta

Another difficult game again Wuilker. Fariñez was crucial in the most difficult games and seemed to prevent the ball from entering so that everyone was ahead to sing the goal. This happened at the Pascual Guerrero, when a crossed ball crossed the area of ​​the right tip, hit the head of striker Fernando Aristeguieta and the latter, who rarely fails, crossed a very strong kick to the left post, trying to disconcert the goalkeeper. But again the saving hand of Wuilker appeared and the game was 0-0 until the goal of Millonarios arrive and open the scoring.

The meeting finally concluded 1-1.

No matter what the place is

And although Tolima could not do much to avoid the defeat of his team, again made a figure with a save that prevented the distance between the two teams, showing once again that it has reflexes and enough capacity to react on the team. moment.

In total, so far, Wuilker Fariñez has played 22 games with millionaires in the current semester, has received 16 goals against, reaching an average of 0.73 per game and reached a total of 63 defenses, which means that he makes 2.86 stops per game and reflects its importance in Millionaires.

To conclude this observation, we have left a new action against the United States, a match in which your participation was instrumental in maintaining equality and giving your team a point.


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