The 10 functions of PS5 that we already have 100% confirmed


The new generation of consoles are approaching. We've already seen the first PS5 features and we even saw the first console video on the move, or a report with Sony's software architect, where we were officially informed of the first details about what your next generation PS5 console would look like, though has not been officially confirmed that this is the name.

But we still there are many unknowns to solve the PlayStation 5, especially as it relates to the departure date, which all points to what will be in the second half of next year. Or other issues that are very important, such as the price you will have or even the design. We go with the 10 functions we have 100% confirmed from the PS5, for now.

Faster games

Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the functions that the PS5 will include is that the games will load much faster than what happened on PS4. It is one of the characteristics that many users complain about, since some games & Quot; Fat & # 39; They took a long time to load. This is the case for some major titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The new generation consoles will use their power to load all the games much faster and they will thanks to a new SSD and a new processor.

New PlayStation Network

PSN Change ID

One of the most common complaints by Playstation users is the PSN infrastructure, something complicated and complicated for less experienced users. Not to mention, the famous name changes in the account that is giving so many problems.

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To please your players, Sony seems to be preparing a complete renovation of the Playstation Network for the launch of the PlayStation 5, which make the platform more intuitive and easy to use. You can also add some new features that appear on other competing platforms, such as the number of hours you play a game.

3D Audio

Days was released April calendar

The new AMD chip that will include the PS5 will include a custom unit for 3D audio, something that, according to what the Sony hardware architect said, will completely redefine the sound we know in video games.

"With the new console, the dream is to show how audio can be dramatically different when there is a lot of energy"The result will mean an increase in immersion playback, listening to sounds coming from different directions and no external hardware will be needed, but will work through the TV speakers.


Marvel Spiderman

One of the most anticipated features for all players is compatibility with previous versions of PS5. And will have it, for now it has only been confirmed that it will be compatible with the PlayStation 4, but is already great news for all users of the Sony console. Thanks to this function, it will be a less abrupt change for players who have a PS4, since you will not lose all your games and you will be fully appreciated in the new generation console of the Japanese company.

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In addition, we have already learned the first details on how this backward compatibility will work and Sony emphasized that it will be crucial in the face of the success of this PS5.

New GPU with RDNA architecture

God of War

The console GPU will again have the presence of an AMD processor, specifically the AMD Navi GPU. It will also have a new RDNA architecture that will replace the old GCN and will have many advantages. The system will support a ray tracing (Lightning Tracking) In real time, increased console efficiency, lower latency, increased bandwidth, improved graphics and much faster GPU performance.

Support for the disc

Uncharted 4

Mark Cerny confirmed in the exclusive where we were given the first official details of the PS5, which will have a disc player. It was speculated that the consoles of the new generation did not have a disc player and that they were totally digital, but in the end it will not be so.

The discs will be with us for now for the next generation and will have great importance in the success of the new console from Sony. The physical format is still a key part of video games.

PlayStation will continue to bet on games with history

And while Microsoft's first non-player console experience has already been realized, and this will be the trend that continues with devices like the Google Stadia, for now we will have physical formatting in next-generation games.

PlayStation VR

Spring Showcase of PlayStation VR 2018

For now, what we know is that the PlayStation VR helmet will be supported on the PS5, but Sony is already preparing a new model, which although not available since the launch of the console, if it comes in the future.

Sony's virtual reality certainly needs a change, as the current system has not had the expected success and certainly has many very positive points. Both at the energy level, it does not reach what other VR helmets offer, and at the level of design it has. Like a very heavy cable system that takes up a lot of space.


Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5

Another patent from Sony confirms that is working on the possibility of introducing V-sync on PS5. V-sync is a system that eliminates the differences between the frame rate of the game and the screen of our television or monitor.

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This is a fairly common system on today's computers and Sony would be working on bringing this system to the Playstation 5. It would be a great step to improve console power and match current PCs. With this patent, the Japanese company seeks to please the most demanding players.

Streaming games

PS now PS Plus

Streaming will be one of the essential points of the new generation of consoles. Games are increasingly consumed only in digital format and will be a trend that will go further in the future. By him Sony is trying to greatly improve its PlayStation Now systems, which allows us to play titles by streaming thanks to a signature.

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In addition, the recent agreement with Microsoft and Microsoft Azure further boost the support for streaming the two giants of the video game world. With this agreement, they will seek solutions to improve the game in the cloud and have also been interpreted as a response to the appearance of Google Stadia.

Remote play

And not only will they focus on PlayStation Now, which has already won more than 700,000 users. Another Sony bet for the future is Remote Play, a platform that allows us to play anywhere that has recently landed iOS and that aims to achieve Android in the future.

The CEO of Sony and PlayStation has already confirmed in an interview that would be a key service in the future and work to improve the user experience through this service, which is now available to all users.

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These were the functions we have 100% confirmed from PS5, so far. It seems that the official announcement of the Sony's new generation console is approaching, we just have to wait to see what the final features of the console will be. What would you like the new console to have?


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