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The emission of I am Betty, the ugly and the man is Germán, that had already been issued, returned protagonism to RCN in the measurements of classification. A trend that will continue to be given.

More than prime time, the schedule for Colombian television nights looks like a retro channel. As if it had been returned ten years in time.

Today, as happened nine years ago, The man is german (Comedy RCN) and Desafio (reality of the adventures of Caracol) compete to be the program with the highest classification in the screen Creole, that in the last two years has been dominated by the programs of Caracol.

This nostalgic trend, with past productions, is not limited to these two products that debuted this week. RCN, for example, after the death of the librettist Fernando Gaitán (January 29, 2019), decided to re-issue Yor I'm Betty, ugly, the telenovela that Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello They starred in 1999.

The impact was so positive that the channel decided to change its broadcasting schedule from ten to nine at night to attract new viewers. For several months, until the German's debut, the dramatized (which was seen three times more on national TV and is on Netflix) was RCN's most-watched program.

Rear view mirror

This week, as has not happened since 2017 with the series The law of the heart RCN again had a number in the ranking of the productions with more hearing.

Went with The man is german which last Tuesday 21 May reached 12.34 points of evaluation (it is estimated that one point equals 450 thousand spectators), according to the report presented by Kantar Ibope Media.

The actor and director Jimmy Vásquez (The Nocturnal and The commander) attributes the success of these projects to three basic reasons. The first is that they break with the classic telenovela structure, the impossible loves between rich and poor, the second is that they bet on the popular, with real, flesh and blood characters that generate identification and proximity to the viewer. Finally, notes Vásquez, humor is fundamental for Colombians and this type of production fits perfectly in what they seek.

"Betty, Ugly and Peter, the scaly were the first productions that went into what became known as dramedies, which combined drama and comedy in a successful way, "says Vásquez, for whom it was also essential that the cliché be changed on the figure of the gallant and the diva, which were very typical of the Mexican and Venezuelan novels.

Vicious circle

The university professor Jerome Rivera, director of the Ibero-American Network of Audiovisual Narratives, goes against the opinions of actor Vásquez and stresses that Colombians hardly accept new formats.

The academic notes on launches of El hombre is Germán, that the public likes the common places and that speaks of who really are those who are consuming television: people over 40 and 45 years old. "Young people do not watch national TV, they are on streaming platforms or on video channels."

About the validity of the reality show Desafio, which this year takes the nickname of Super Regions, which adds 16 consecutive years to the air at the same time (20h), and always between May and July, points out that it has become a landmark or ritual for the public even though the innovations are almost non-existent.

"The Colombian, in general terms, does not require much quality of content and on the contrary always prefers to see the same thing, which shows a lack of training of public," says Rivera.

In this tendency to re-emulate past successes or keep products on the air for a long time, the teacher says that it is a safe bet, in which there are few risks.

"At the present moment, of so much economic uncertainty for national channels, when the competition is so wild with international channels and streaming platforms, the private ones (RCN and Caracol) decide to bet for sure, that's why Betty, ugly and man is german ".

Strategy to earn points

Remapping and reissuing projects that have already passed the screen are often used as a ranking strategy. RCN, for example, to face the viewer's preference in the afternoons for Caracol productions (Elif and Your stereo voice), resorted to repeating romances as The daughter of the mariachi, the kings and even the silver separates us, although without the same positive results of the twenty years of Betty, ugly.

Channel 1 of this year took a blow of opinion when it announced the purchase to Telemundo of the third season of the series No breasts, there is paradise. Snail usually issued. This story, originally from Gustavo Bolívar, was released in 2006. Later it was adapted for Latin television in the United States and Mexico and is already in the fourth season.

Jimmy Vásquez It clarifies that this type of dramas, in spite of its repercussion, can not be compared with phenomena like Betty or Germán. "Without breasts it symbolizes the double morality that we Colombians have, in which we say we do not want narconovelas anymore, but we love these stories of tracheos."

The public

This retro proposal was also repeated in the public and regional channels, ahead of Señal Colombia, that in its band of 11:00 of the night repeated the dramas more remembered by the Colombians: Escalona, ​​the womaner's president O Don Camilo, among many others. He currently broadcasts comedy Romeo and Buseta (1987-1992).

Teleantioquia, on the other hand, in honor of Fernando Gaitán put on the schedule of your evenings Coffee, with the scent of a woman (1994-1995). Already in the past I had issued The house of two palm trees (nineteen ninety).

Although not a case of retreading, but of staying in the air, Serenade, The space of the regional channel, that emphasizes the Colombian music, counts today with 23 years of continuous transmission.


Another constant, besides the dramatized repetitions, is betting on long-term products that last for many years in the air.

Of course this bet is not exclusive to our environment, but it is global.

For example, Saturday night live He has been on television for 44 years in the world, while on reality television Survivor 38 seasons have been broadcast since its debut in 2000, while The Bachelor There were 23 annual emissions.

The undisputed kings in Colombia, in terms of permanence, are The God's Minute (64 years) and Happy Saturdays (47 years) (see box).

"What any Colombian channel would like to have would be a format like Happy Saturdays, which without requiring more effort or major changes, continues to work for the public," he says. Jerónimo Rivera, to ratify the concept that there are spaces that become ritual for the spectators.

After El Man's success in the standings is Germán y Betty, the ugly, who gave a boost to the low ratings he recorded in recent years RCN, it is not surprising that the formula keeps repeating and reappear, The Golden Cock O San Tropel.


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