TELEVISION: The presenter of RCN channel, cousin of President Ivan Duque


She published the family relationship in networks. The presenter of the RCN channel that is the president's cousin.

It is not uncommon for presenters to disclose their family relationships with politicians.

But in this case, Ángela Cardozo, who works at "El desayuno", saw no problem in making her known in her social networks.

On this occasion, the presenters posted a post on Instagram, where he said he was related to Ivan Duque.

"Well, I mean I have not seen you for years and you're still the same !! @ivanduquemarquez
Family! ️, "he wrote in the post.

However, we were able to find out what the real relationship was between the two and it turned out that they are cousins.

The photograph that was taken, a selfie, is not common in a politician in functions, for which the proximity between both is confirmed.

The presenter of RCN Channel, who is the president's cousin, is Ángela Cardozo, who works on "Breakfast":

Angela Cardozo started last year on RCN when the program "Breakfast" started.

Since then, she is one of the leading presenters alongside Yaneth Waldman.

The morning program replaced "Muy Buenas Días" in 2018.


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