Telebucaramanga and Metrotel join Telefonica


An important move has caused the telecommunications conglomerate Telefonica, the country's third largest company in the country over the last week, having taken control of its subsidiaries Metrotel and Optecom in Barranquilla and Telebucaramanga in Bucaramanga.

With the completion of the integration process with Metrotel, Optecom and Telebucaramanga, affiliated companies it has managed since 2006, 238,000 customers in Barranquilla and 328,000 customers in Bucaramanga they become part of their business, technological and operational processes.

According to Telefónica, this measure will ensure "the continuity of its services and the transfer of best practices from a telecommunications company that manages more than 365 million customers in 24 countries."

Telefónica Movistar is expected to have an aggressive strategy to attract more users in these regions, as it will offer an integrated offer of postpaid and prepaid mobile telephony, mobile internet, DSL broadband, fiber optics and television, as well as digital services for businesses.

In Bucaramanga, it will invest between 2018 and 2019 a total of US $ 71,000 million to implement fixed and fiber optic and mobile networks of 4 and 4.5 generations in this area; while in Barranquilla, the investment will be US $ 70 billion for the modernization and transformation of telecommunications services.

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According to Fabián Hernández, CEO of Telefónica Movistar Colombia, with these integrations they want to lead a "comprehensive scan" so that everyone "has the opportunity to participate in this connected world."

As for Barranquilla, Hernandez says the city now has a strengthened telecommunications company that will generate "new opportunities and greater investments in one of the most visionary cities in the country."

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While Barranquilla, consider a strategic city: "We will be the main allies of the city in the process of digital transformation for people and companies."

Colombia is part of the Telefónica Hispanoamérica Norte region, which also includes Mexico, Venezuela, Central America and Ecuador, which reduced its revenues by 6.5% so far this year to 3,038 million euros.

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From this region comes 9% of 356 million of income that the conglomerate has, for which 122,151 employees work around the world.

One of the factors that affected Telefónica in the region is the cancellation of the debt derived from the operating agreement with Companhia Nacional de Telecomunicações (Parapat).

To that end, the parent company of Telefónica has capitalized its subsidiary in Colombia with an amount close to 1,370 million euros to honor the payment commitments related to Parapat, which is the consortium that owns telecommunications assets and manages pension funds. of the companies that originated originally to Colombia Telecomunicaciones.

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