Monday , September 21 2020
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Superfinancial authorizes cell phone use in banks


Through a circular, financial superintendent Jorge Castaño announced that the controlling and supervisory entity authorizes the use of mobile devices in bank offices from 1 January next year, Well, they have become tools for financial operations.

In the communication, it was pointed out that financial institutions may restrict the use of mobile devices or personal communication elements to their employees in areas where deposits, payments and withdrawals are made, as well as in any other area where they identify the need to restrict use during customer service hours.

In the case of the clients of these entities, Superfinancial has authorized them to use mobile devices while remaining within the bank's facilities, under conditions it deems appropriate.

To continue promoting the consolidation of digital transformation in the financial sector, Superfinancial emphasized that it is necessary to promote financial education programs on the comprehensive use of digital channels and to evaluate the use of pilot offices with an emphasis on service delivery.

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