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So you can download paid Android payment applications –

In another week, we've reviewed the best apps we can download for free to our Android phone. This time we are also telling you how to download free apps Android that are usually paid and with which we can take better advantage of our smartphone.

Yesterday we brought back some of the best free games for Android that you can download games of all genres on your mobile phone, which of course are totally free for a certain time, so it's interesting to be awake to catch them.

Download Free Android Applications, Root Checker Pro

Although not a suitable application for all users, certainly many of those who "drip" ROMs cooked and alternative, thank you. Since this app is designed to tell us quickly and easily, if we have root access to our smartphone. It also details information about the brand, bootloader, CPU_AB1, CPU_AB2, monitor, fingerprint, hardware, model, product, series, labels, type, user, key name etc.

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Download Android, Root Checker Pro

Selfie camera

Its name says it all, being a camera designed to get the best selfies possible with the front camera of our mobile phone. It's an application that specializes in "cleaning" our face of imperfections while doing a selfie, so in a single click we can get the perfect picture, one of those apps that they love so much in Asia and now also has no advertising being free.

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Selfie Camera Pro free download

HD Pro Camera

This app is the alter ego of the previous one for selfies, though, in this case, it is do the best pictures possible with the rear camera. It is a camera application that can make videos in Full HD resolution at 1080p, and capture 4K resolution photos of 3840 × 2160 pixels. An application that also integrates a complete image editor to give our own touch to each photo.

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Download HD Camera Pro

Quick Volume Controls – Quick Volume Notification

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting apps we could download this week, basically because it allows us edit all aspects related to phone volume the phone's own notification bar. In this way, we will always have controls in hand so that the volume is always what we want.

Download Quick Volume Controls – quick volume notification

Class notes

a notes and notes app specially designed for students, since it allows us to take all these notes through our voice or through a show of hands. In this way, we can take the notes directly, even without having to write them.


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