signs that are experts in privacy


There are people who are experts among the leaves.

For astrology, the personality of each is fully connected with the sign of the zodiac. It can also be a very important factor in your sexual quality.

Exist three signs which are the best in the sexual domain, according to losandes.

Aquarium: One of the signs that loves his freedom most, has no limits on privacy. He likes to fully explore his sexuality. He will enjoy unlimited pleasure and will also teach new tricks and poses if necessary. He cares a lot about his partner.

Leo: No one resists its charms. It's a sign that creates attraction in your way, so having sexual encounters has never been a problem. He likes to vent his instincts.

Sagittarius: Love the adventures and innovate. Just as he may be the nicest when he is dating someone, he is able to become a pro in the arts of love.

What is the horoscope?

The horoscope and the astral map of astrology are unproven prediction methods based on the arbitrary position of the stars at birth. The term derives from the Greek «ὥρα» and «σκοπέω»

There is no scientific test or study to support the validity of forecasts obtained through any of the different versions of this practice.


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