Sell ​​Carls Jr. the First Cannabis Burger in History


Alexis S. Pavón
Sat 20 April 2019 15:18

Photo Property from: @CarlsJr

The Carls Jr. chain joins the 4/20 celebrations with the launch of the first burger in history with a cannabis ingredient in its recipe: Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight, which has a special sauce at cannabidiol base.

The hamburger will be sold only once, and in a restricted manner, at the Carls Jr. branch in Denver, Colorado, one of the entities in the United States where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

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The company decided to test the cannibidiol asset as part of its innovation program and determine if it includes it permanently in its menu. Speaking to CNN, Vice President of Marketing, Carls Jr. Patty Treviño, He said the product is a response to the growing interest of various sectors in cannabidiol as an ingredient for its palliative effects against pain, inflammation, scarring and anxiety.

Despite the Carls Jr. initiative, a broader cannabidiol-based product strategy should wait for some time because US authorities are not yet fully involved in the debate and regularization of this component.

In his Twitter account, burgers experts reported that Michael Blackwell became the first person in the world to try the Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight, while a group of three friends traveled from the state of San Luis, Missouri, to get totally into the sauce of cannabis.


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