See the live match between Atlético Bucaramanga and Rionegro


In a match in which Atletico Bucaramanga had to add three, before the League of the Eagle, Santander suffered more than the account and in the end they could only redeem a point thanks to a goal of César Quintero.

After the great triumph reached last week against Cúcuta, it seemed that Bucaramanga had recovered the way and would continue long before the worst team of the year: Rioengro.

However, once again, lack of aim and errors in defense weighed on those led by Carlos Giraldo, who failed to impose conditions in the Alberto Grisales stadium.

A more experienced Rionegro, but without much football, placed a Bucaramanga against the ropes, who never found the compass in the first half to seek the rival goal.

It was in the 31st minute when Rionegro captured the superiority of the score, thanks to a header that capitalized Johan Jiménez, to beat goalkeeper Nelson Ramos, who could not do anything to avoid the fall of his bow.

The reaction of Santandereana was timid and did not obtain enough force to equal the actions before the interval.

Second time: better, but not so much

The entrance of César Quintero gave another air to Bucaramanga. Jhon Pérez and Sherman Cárdenas felt accompanied and started generating more arrivals in the local goal. There was not much clarity, but at least the visitors were able to force the balls to put at risk the goal defended by Juan Valencia.

After a few balls on the sticks, Bucaramanga, nine minutes from the end, equalized the match, thanks to a powerful kick from César Quintero, which was incorporated into the angle of Valencia.

Bumangueses could speed up to take the three points, but already exhausted, they preferred to shelter and hold the last minutes to get a point on the visitor status.

In the end, a draw that does not serve much if you take into account the lost ground and who faced the last of the tournament.

With this result, Bucaramanga added 12 points and was 14th overall. On the next date, Santander players will receive América de Cali at the Alfonso López stadium. The game will be played on Saturday, March 30 at 17:00. and will be broadcast by Win Sports.


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