Santa Fe equaled its worst historical sequence of games without winning in the Eagle League | Colombian Football | Eagle League


Santa Fe has reached 13 games without winning. This Thursday he equaled 0-0 with Jaguares on the 13th date of the I-2019 League and, despite having more goalscoring options than his rival, again he has sinned in definition and is still in a terrible phase.

He had Johan Arango, Fabio Burbano, Arley Rodriguez, Baldomera Perlaza, but none succeeded against the opposite goal. The team of Gerado Bedoya suffered a new unfavorable result that contributes to his defeat in that championship. This is how the results of this campaign were.

2-0 against Once Caldas
1-0 against Medellín
1-0 against Tolima
2-1 against Cúcuta

0-0 against Envigado
1-1 against millionaires
2-2 against Rionegro
0-0 against America
3-3 against Junior
1-1 against the Patriots
0-0 against Alliance
1-1 against the Grass
0-0 against Jaguares

The last campaign Santa Fe had with such low numbers was in the second half of 2007. On that occasion, it was Óscar Quintabani who led the team to a terrible season. Thus were the 13 games in which he could not win at that time.

2-1 against equity
1-0 against millionaires
2-0 against Medellín
4-1 against Cúcuta
4-0 against Once Caldas
3-0 against Quindío

2-2 against Pereira
0-0 against Huila
1-1 against Real Cartagena
0-0 against Cali
0-0 against Pasto
2-2 against millionaires
1-1 against Tolima

The Liga II-2007 ended with Santa Fe without winning 13 games, but for the first game of 2008 against Nacional, Red won and ended that drought. When will this season end?


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