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Salud y bienestar para los mayores

They are the 44 grandchildren who have seen benefits from the Yotoco Life Center, a space for the blessing of the greatest people.

Ana Bolena López, Secretariat for Social Development, has discussed the benefits that larger adults receive here: “The contribution of governance is indispensable for co-financing. This year the contribution of the governor is for the feeding of the 44 groves of lunes to the coming ones. Feeding them is vital, learning the balance of protein in foods. ”

“Mi vida cambió mucho, I feel super super. The integration with the companions of the center of life is made up of manualities, dances, steps, salads, shared mucho. The food is very good, we have a nurse. Before I was in sola and here with friends, I was related ”, aseguró Blanca Cárdona, would benefit from this project.


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